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Like Colour to the Blind: Soul Searching and Soul Finding

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Beyond the world of Nobody Nowhere, Donna Williams found friendship and a sense of belonging in Somebody Somewhere. Now, in Like Colour to the Blind, Donna Williams enters the most exposing and fragile realm of human interaction: her relationship and eventual marriage with someone with whom she can 'simply be', a relationship she terms a 'special ship'. But loving involves exposure, and in a relationship that exposure is inescapable and everywhere. To truly love, Donna must expose the very things which protected her all her life - the masks she has hidden behind, the patchwork creations which stood in place of self. She must learn to find a want, to give and to take from others, to reach behind the polite social facades and trained gestures.

In Donna's relationship with Ian, a man with difficulties related to her own, we watch the two of them break through their rock-solid emotional barriers and let go control, daring to defy all the rules imposed by the autistic condition of 'exposure anxiety' and freefalling, together. Their struggle is told with Donna's characteristic gutsy humour, brutal insight and sense of fragility.

Author Bio:

Donna Williams was born in Australia in 1963 and raised in a working-class inner-city area in Australia. She grew up hearing words such as 'deaf', 'disturbed', 'crazy' and 'spastic', and like many able people with autism born in the 1960s and earlier, she wasn't formally diagnosed with autism until adulthood. As well as writing, composing, painting and sculpting, she lectures and runs workshops on autism all around the world.

Donna is the author of four autobiographies:

Nobody Nowhere,

Somebody Somewhere

Like Colour to the Blind and

Everyday Heaven

Her first international best-selling autobiography, Nobody Nowhere, is currently under option by a Hollywood film company. After 13 years in the UK, she now lives back in Australia with her husband Chris.


Like Colour to the Blind: Soul Searching and Soul Finding

Author: Donna Williams

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