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Living with Little Chicken

So who is Little Chicken?

Little Chicken is to anxiety as the Black Dog is to depression.

It is the distress voice inside your head, an expert at convincing you that the sky is going to fall in, that your world is going to end in a massive catastrophe. Everyone around you is telling you to get over it, snap out of it, stop worrying and RELAX, and this only makes you feel worse. If you could stop, you would; no one would choose to live this way.

The trouble is, you believe every negative word Little Chicken has to say, and you are on high alert all the time, ready to fight or flee. But there is no one to fight (except perhaps an unsuspecting passer-by, or worse, a friend), and nothing to run away from, which means your body is pumping out stress hormones for no reason. Your stress levels go through the roof and that in turn creates more pressure till you end up in a continuing cycle of spiralling stress. Living with Little Chicken can become very confusing for your body and mind, which can have a negative impact on your health and wellbeing, impairing your ability to live your life to your full and unique potential.

Living with Little Chicken reminds you always, however you are feeling is okay, because this is how you are feeling. Allow things to be exactly as you find them, exactly as you are in this moment.

And like all feelings, this too will pass.

Living an authentic life is not about being ‘happy’ all the time; it’s about accepting the full range of thoughts and feelings that arise in your life. This book is to help you reconnect with thoughts and feelings and feelings you’ve been pushing away, the ones that you and others believe you shouldn’t be having.

We’re often told we should be striving to be happy, that there’s no room in our lives for negative feelings. Negative feelings are ‘bad’ and we shouldn’t feel anything other than positive thoughts. ‘Look at all the good things you have, there are people far worse off than you …’ Please remember, this expectation is not real. Of course there will be good times when there’s a spring in your step, but there will also be times when things feel like they are crashing down around you, and you need a good cry. Or you might just be having a bad day. Bad days do not mean you are a bad person, a failure, or weak. And you are most certainly not alone in having them. Share this book with family and friends, and you are likely to find that they too have their own Little Chicken thoughts and feeling.

Author Bio:

Nena Anne Sorensen lives in one of the more geographically isolated cities in the world and at times, due to anxiety, she has felt herself to also be personally isolated. In the early 1990s she studied at the Claremont School of Art and has been creating in some form ever since. Although Nena has lived with anxiety and an inferiority complex for much of her life, she has transformed her need for order and specificity into a successful career as an information management consultant. Thriving in spite of obstacles, Nena is learning to live in harmony with her Little Chicken and hopes that this book will help others to do the same.

This book is dedicated to all those who are living with their own Little Chicken.

Living with Little Chicken

Author: Nena Anne Sorensen

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