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Motivational Interviewing in Social Work Practice

Motivational interviewing (MI) offers powerful tools for helping social work clients draw on their strengths to make desired changes in their lives. This reader-friendly book introduces practitioners and students to MI and demonstrates how to integrate this evidence-based method into direct practice. Melinda Hohman and her associates describe innovative applications for diverse clients and practice areas, including substance abuse treatment, mental health, child welfare, community organizing, and others. Extensive sample dialogues illustrate MI skills in action with individuals and groups. The book also presents best practices for MI training, teaching, and agency-wide integration.


  • Strong potential: the first guide to using this hot counselling method in a field where behaviour change is a central concern.
  • Sample dialogues highlight key MI concepts and help students and MI newcomers to learn and apply it quickly and effectively.
  • Provides a basic overview of MI techniques plus concrete demonstrations of their applications in diverse practice areas.
  • Hohman is an experienced MI trainer and researcher who knows what works.


Introduction, Mary V. Solanto
1.The Adult with ADHD and the Development of the Treatment Program, Mary V. Solanto
2. Diagnostic Evaluation of ADHD in Adults, Mary V. Solanto, David J. Marks, and Jeanette Wasserstein
3. How to Be a Successful Therapist: A Guide to Substance and Style, Mary V. Solanto, David J. Marks, and Jeanette Wasserstein
4. Profiles of Patient Response to the Treatment: Tailoring Therapy to Individual Cases, Mary V. Solanto, David J. Marks, Jeanette Wasserstein, and Katherine J. Mitchell
5. Modifying the Treatment for Use in Individual Therapy, Jeanette Wasserstein, Mary V. Solanto, and David J. Marks
6. Evidence Base for Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, David J. Marks

Motivational Interviewing in Social Work Practice

Author: Melinda Hohman

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