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Narrative Therapy

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  • Attachment Narrative Therapy

    Attachment Narrative Therapy

    by Rudi Dallos

    This book sets out a framework for practice - Attachment Narrative Therapy - that provides a new approach to working with families, couples and individuals. This is not offered as a prescriptive model but as an aid and guide to practice that draws aspects of narrative and attachment therapy into systemic work. The synthesis of these ideas offers clinicians a new integrative way to approach their practice – one in which the three approaches are used to create a greater whole than their constituent parts. The book includes: Clinical...

  • Biting the Hand That Starves You: Inspiring Resistance to Anorexia/Bulimia

    Biting the Hand That Starves You: Inspiring Resistance to Anorexia/Bulimia

    by Richard Maisel, David Epston,

    *This publication is available to order from our overseas supplier: delivery usually take 3 - 4 weeks* This book is a clear and practical text inviting those struggling with an eating disorder, their families and their therapists to work collaboratively. Using personal accounts, stories and poetry, the book describes some of the ways eating disorders are experienced and the ramifications of their presence. It addresses how those working with anorexia/bulimia can help illuminate its deceptions and create other possibilities. One method engages the eating disorder directly through critique, while another...

  • Collaborative Therapy with Multi-Stressed Families

    Collaborative Therapy with Multi-Stressed Families

    by William C. Madsen

    Woven throughout this title are Solution Focused, Strengths Based and Narrative Therapy approaches to working with families who have not been well served by traditional mental health, social service, and medical systems. Critically examining many professional assumptions about difficult families, the book outlines clinical practices that facilitate a respectful, constructive, and effective therapeutic relationship. *Highlighted are ways to:* Engage reluctant clients Conduct nonpathologizing assessments Help families develop communities of support. Of crucial importance, the author proposes that therapists move away from trying to identify and correct old problems. He focuses instead...

  • Conversations about gender, culture, violence & narrative practice

    Conversations about gender, culture, violence & narrative practice

    by Edited by Angel Yuen and Chery

    *Stories of hope and complexity from women of many cultures*. Edited by Angel Yuen & Cheryl White This inspiring book consists of writings from women of many cultures about initiatives, projects and ways of working to respond to violence. This collection will be powerfully relevant to practitioners working with individuals, families and/or communities whose lives are affected by violence and abuse. It includes practice-based chapters describing narrative ways of working with those who have experienced violence and also creative ways of engaging with men and women who have enacted violence against...

  • DVD: Team of Life: Offering young people a sporting chance

    DVD: Team of Life: Offering young people a sporting chance

    The Team of Life narrative approach uses sporting metaphors to enable young people to deal with traumatic experience without having to speak directly about it. Young people are invited to consider who are the members of their ‘Team of Life’: Who make up some of the team members of your life? These people can be alive or no longer living. They can be present in your life now or people who you have known in the past. Who are the people who have been most influential (in a positive...

  • Experience, Contradiction, Narrative and Imagination

    Experience, Contradiction, Narrative and Imagination

    by D Epston and M White

    Selected papers of David Epston and Michael White. The papers in this book cover a range of subjects including: Personal reminiscence Particular therapeutic practices Practical approaches to various problems Theoretical, political and philosophical considerations Structures and issues pertaining to training and supervision Processes of questioning in the co-authorship of preferred stories. *Michael White* was one of the co-founders and co-directors of Dulwich Centre in Adelaide *David Epston*, (MA, CQSW, D.Litt) is the co-director of The Family Therapy Centre and teaches at the School of Community Development, Unitec Institute of...

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