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A Counselor’s Introduction to Neuroscience

A Counselor’s Introduction to Neuroscience is a guidebook to neurobiology that is customized for counselors’ unique goals and requirements. Drawing on years of experience, not only in the lab, but in the counselor’s chair, the authors unravel the complexities of neuroscience and present an easily understood volume that is an essential companion for any counselor who wishes to expand his or her understanding of the human brain, how it works, and how it creates our identities.


  • Preface
  • Acknowledgements
  • About the Authors
  • List of Contributors
  • Guide to Neurocounseling Language.
  • 1. An Introduction to the Intertwined Nature of the Fields of Neurobiology and Counseling
  • 2. Overview of the Brain and Central Nervous System
  • 3. Brain Development and Brain Plasticity
  • 4. The Differential Impact of Different Counseling Approaches on the Brain
  • 5. Neurobiological, Neuropsychological Aspects of Mental Health
  • 6. Psychotropic Medications
  • 7. Assesment of Brain Function with Tommie Hughes
  • 8. Brain Activity in Action.
  • References
  • Index

Author Bio:

Bill McHenry,PhD, is the coauthor of A Contemporary Approach to Substance Abuse and Addiction Counseling and What Therapists Say and Why They Say It.

Angela M. Sikorski,PhD, is an associate professor of psychology at Texas A&M University-Texarkana.

Jim McHenry, EdD, is professor emeritus of counseling and human development at Edinburgh University of Pennsylvania and the coauthor of What Therapists Say and Why They Say It.

A Counselor’s Introduction to Neuroscience

Author: Bill McHenry

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