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Once Upon a Group

Groups are a universal phenomenon, but their dynamics, make-up and customs can vary widely – a group can be anything from a family to a sports club. Having a good understanding of how groups work can make them more effective, enriching and fun.

Once Upon A Group is a short, light-hearted guide to groupwork, providing an easily-digestible way of understanding group dynamics, the practicalities of running a group, and how to participate in one. It covers how and where to set up a group, including the type of room used, the size of the group and the arrangement of chairs, and the importance of boundaries and rules within a group. It also covers issues such as communication, sensitivity, listening, leadership, decision-making, labelling and stereotyping, and forms of participation, among many others. Each topic is illustrated with a lively drawing to communicate the ideas presented. This second edition also covers diversity throughout and how to apply the ideas in the book to different settings.

Based on research but written in an instantly accessible style, this fun guide will be essential reading for all those involved in groupwork including health and social care practitioners, volunteers, advice workers, youth workers and students.

 Author Bio:

Maggie Kindred is a retired qualified social worker and practice teacher with many years of experience, including several years as social worker and team manager for Westminster Social Services (as Maggie Cook). Her particular interests lie in groupwork, communication skills and teamwork, and she has written several publications in these areas.

Once Upon a Group

Author: Maggie Kindred, Michael Kindre

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