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Positive Body Image for Kids: A Strengths-Based Curriculum for Children Aged 7-11

Body worries are increasingly affecting younger children. Girls as young as five are worried about the way they look and their size, and a third of boys aged 8 - 12 are dieting to lose weight.

This 15 session curriculum aims to provide children with the information and understanding they need in order to maintain and celebrate a healthy and positive body image. Focusing on building individual strengths and self-esteem, the sessions develop children's sense of identity and the ability to recognise and celebrate each other's strengths and talents. The influence of the media, peer pressure and healthy lifestyles are also covered. This ready-to-use curriculum includes a training session for staff, information about how to deliver the programme, guidelines on creating a whole-school approach, and photocopiable worksheets. Focusing on an increasingly important issue, this is an ideal programme for teachers, youth workers and others working with children aged 5 - 11.


  • Part 1. Introduction and Background.
  • Part 2. A Training Session for Staff.
  • Part 3. How to Deliver the Programme.
  • Part 4. The Sessions.
  • 1. Introduction: My Bounce Back Muscles.
  • 2. Strength Spotting.
  • 3. Here and Now.
  • 4. This Body is Yours.
  • 5. Intuitive Eating: 3 to Remember.
  • 6. Get Moving.
  • 7. Television Turnoff.
  • 8. Have Fun.
  • 9. Think Twice!
  • 10. Pictures, Pictures Everywhere!
  • 11. Thought Catching.
  • 12. Think Good, Feel Good.
  • 13. Be a Friend.
  • 14. My Heroes.
  • 15. My 'I Can Cope' Toolbox.
  • Part 5. Guidelines for building a whole-school approach and involving parents.

Author Bio:

Ruth MacConville is Head of the Special Educational Needs Services, London Borough of Ealing. She is the author of several books on promoting happiness, resilience and well-being in young people.


This programme has answered a lot of the questions I had about the pupils I am working with and has enabled me to support them in a more effective and informed way. The resources are clearly linked to the curriculum, making it easy to include them in planning. I will be recommending this book to all the schools I support.


Positive Body Image for Kids: A Strengths-Based Curriculum for Children Aged 7-11

Author: Ruth MacConville

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