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Practical Interventions for Young People at Risk

This book responds to the urgent need for practical intervention approaches targeting young people at risk. It provides a much needed practical resource for practitioners and students from a variety of helping professions. Focusing on interventions that practitioners can use in collaboration with the young person, the book offers hands-on strategies for addressing challenges and issues typically faced by young people, such as: - depression, suicide and self-harm, substance misuse, problematic sexual behaviour, marginalised youth and mental health issues.

Throughout the book, multi-disciplinary and international authors share their expertise, highlighting relevant evidence-based interventions and considering themes such as anti-oppressive practice, culture, values and ethics. It will prove invaluable reading for students and practitioners working with young people, especially in the fields of youth work, social work, psychology, counselling, and education.


  • Part I - Introduction
  • Engaging young people in collaborative interventions Kathryn Geldard
  • Part II - Building on Strengths
  • The development of self-care behaviour David Geldard
  • Building resilience in adolescents Ian Shochet, Rebecca Hoge, Astrid Wurfl
  • Enhancing peer support Kathryn Geldard, Wendy Patton
  • Part III - Suicide and Self - Harm
  • Combating depression Alan Carr
  • Empowering young people who self-harm Jude Sellen
  • Part IV - Confronting Behaviour Alan Carr Preventing suicide
  • Working with gangs and other delinquent groups Simon Hallsworth, Tara Young
  • Prevention and responses to bullying Fran Thompson, Neil Tippett, Peter K Smith
  • Intervening with youth who engage in fire-lighting Daryl L Sharp, Robert E Cole, Carolyn E Kourofsky, Susan W Blaakman
  • Part V - Substance Abuse
  • Alcohol and young people Brad Levingston, Jenny Melrose
  • Tackling the misuse of volatile substances Richard Ives
  • Responding to the use of illicit drugs Scott W Henggeler, Cindy Schaeffer, Rocio Chang
  • Part VI - Sexual Behaviour
  • Sexual health-related interventions Susan Moore
  • Adolescents with Sexual Behaviour Problems: Towards Positive and Healthy Relationships Ian Lambie
  • Part VII - Mental Health
  • Addressing eating problems Renee Rienecke Hoste, Daniel le Grange
  • Responding to cult group membership Lee Richmond, Carole Rayburn
  • Part VIII - Marginalised Youth
  • Understanding young people in care Jan Foster

Author Bio:

Kathryn Geldard is a Lecturer at the School of Psychology and Counselling, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Practical Interventions for Young People at Risk

Author: Kathryn Geldard

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