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Quick and Creative Art Projects for Creative Therapists with (Very) Limited Budgets

Do you need ideas for low budget, therapeutic art activities? This book provides all you need to create fun and engaging activities for your clients at little to no cost. Presented with simple 'how to' instructions, each art project is accompanied with guidance on suggested client populations and variations of materials and design to accommodate the limitations, budgetary and otherwise, that therapists frequently face. It also includes strategies and guidance for acquiring materials: extending a modest budget, soliciting donations, and sourcing recycled and natural tools. An easy reference guide for new and seasoned art therapists, this book helps to expand therapists' repertoire of projects and provides them with the means to execute them.


  • Introduction;
  • Section 1: Projects;
  • Warm Ups;
  • Appreciation vs. Appropriation: Note of Intention;
  • Materials: Essentials and Alternatives;
  • 1. Masks;
  • 2. Flags;
  • 3. Boxes;
  • 4. Talisman, Charms, Amulet;
  • 5. Books & Journals;
  • Section 2: Materials;
  • 6. Materials Bought, Found, Recycle and Solicited;
  • What to buy, when to buy;
  • Section 3: Therapeutic Goals;
  • 7. Safe Spaces;
  • 8. Identity Exploration;
  • 9. Trauma Processing;
  • 10. Esteem Building;
  • Appendix 1: Where to Get Materials (by country, by city);
  • Appendix 2: Customization Considerations;
  • Appendix 3: Resources by Project;
  • References

Author Bio:

Rachel Brandoff has over 20 years of experience as a teaching artist and an art therapist, and now coordinates the graduate art therapy program at Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA.

Angel Thompson is an art educator based in New York.


Generosity and ingenuity are the hallmarks of this much needed resource for not only art therapists, but for artists and art educators. Brandoff and Thompson share their overflowing bag of tips, tricks, and professional experience to facilitate creativity in the visual arts.

Quick and Creative Art Projects for Creative Therapists with (Very) Limited Budgets

Author: Rachel Brandoff & Angel Thomps

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