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Re-building Trust with Traumatised Children & The House that Wouldn't Fall Down

At time children are unable or unwilling to access or engage with emotional and mental health support services. Often members of a child’s support network are therefore required to provide this emotional guidance and support to children. This set, consisting of a guidebook and accompanying story book, is intended to be used as a guide by families and friends, school staff, and any other adults supporting children who have experienced trauma, to help them to provide the emotional guidance these children need.

Guide to Re-building Trust with Traumatised Children aims to educate the reader about trauma and the impact of an insecure attachment, how it may impact a child, how to support a child, as well as understanding different behaviours. The accompanying story book, The House That Wouldn’t Fall Down, been written to support key adults in helping traumatised children to find a way to trust again. The story encourages children to identify with some of Ava’s experience and to explore the feelings she experiences.

This set was designed to be used by any person supporting a child who has experienced trauma or an insecure attachment no matter their previous understanding of these issues. It is specifically written to be as accessible and as user friendly as possible to help rather than hinder the user, and the books can be used separately or together.


Guide to Re-building Trust with Traumatised Children

  • Introduction
  • Considerations
  • 1. Trauma and Attachment
  • 2. Supporting Children
  • 3. My Back Pack
  • 4. Brain Education
  • 5. Communicating and Calming
  • 6. Breathing
  • 7. Mindfulness
  • 8. Relaxation
  • 9. Senses and Making Connections
  • 10. Expressing Emotion
  • 11. Key Person Activities
  • 12. Movement Breaks
  • 13. Activities
  • 14. Additional Support

Story Book - The House That Wouldn't Fall Down

Author Bio:

Hollie Rankin is a counsellor who has worked with and supported children, young people and their families within schools in the North East over the last ten years. Her recent books on trauma and bereavement were prompted by a noticeable gap in resources to help to guide adults when supporting children in emotionally challenging circumstances.


“The House that Wouldn’t Fall Down should be a core text for any professional who is working with children. The accompanying workbook contains a wealth of knowledge and inspiration for those "where do I start moments". Working with traumatised children can be daunting, but ‘The house that wouldn’t fall down’ is a story children will love and professionals will take hope from” - - Gemma Finley, Children's Counsellor

“Due to increased waiting times and lack of outside agency support, pressure is being placed on schools to help children cope with what can be an upsetting and stressful world. Supporting with mental health is an area teachers often lack confidence in. These books and resources offer the starting point needed and enable teachers and teaching assistants to feel like this is an area they can support with. Beautifully illustrated and a pleasure to read. After years of searching I know there is nothing quite as good as this out there!” - Corrin Watson, Assistant Head Teacher and SENCO

“These wonderful stories are so easy for children to relate to, and understand the feelings and meanings shared. The resource books are ideal for helping children to explore their emotions, and for parents, carers and school staff to feel equipped to help them to do so” - Gemma Oliver, Learning Mentor

Re-building Trust with Traumatised Children & The House that Wouldn't Fall Down

Author: Hollie Rankin

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