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Riding the Current: How to Deal with the Daily Deluge of Data

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"There's no time to read. "
"There's no budget for training. "
"There's too much information coming at me."
"Managers just don't know how to develop their staff."
Riding the Current: How to Deal with the Daily Deluge of Data contains your answer.

Ask people if they stay current, and they answer no because 'current' implies a perfection that doesn't exist in today's world. Knowing it all is simply impossible. Consider these statistics: 2 million emails are sent every second; 300,000 new publications come out every year; and 2.5 million text messages are delivered daily. Add in Web sites, social media, blogs, podcasts, Tweets, and books available to you, and you have a certified ticket to information overload. This deluge is overwhelming. But riding the current of knowledge can keep knowledge 'fresh'.

Riding the Current offers a new way to keep your knowledge fresh through conscious self-guided learning that is grounded in the world of those around you. The book draws on Dr. Blair's expertise and the experience of over fifty people interviewed. Built on solid theory and offering exercises, the book presents an approach that is powerful and easy to understand - regardless of one's focus - work, avocation, passion or all three. Learn new ways in which your learning can occur outside the classroom and beyond books, journals, blogs, wikis, magazines, Tweets, and podcasts. For everyone who wants to feel more on top of the constant stream of information that pours over them every day, Riding the Current is the answer.

Author Bio

Dr Blair is an expert in the fields of organizational development, knowledge management, instructional design, and research technique. Dr. Blair is an early advocate and practitioner of Appreciative Inquiry. She developed the first content analysis of written performance evaluations. She designed and created the methodology of Information Flow Analysis, which Pelerei has used to create information strategies that are understandable, workable, and efficiently developed. She has designed and conducted custom-designed courses and other learning opportunities in such topics as leadership, storytelling in business, gender, organizational change, knowledge management, communication, problem solving, and research design. She has done so for the classroom and for distance learning. She has extensive background and experience in the area of gender in the workplace and has worked with more than 20 organizations in developing programs to address the needs of women and men working together.

Riding the Current: How to Deal with the Daily Deluge of Data

Author: Madelyn Blair

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