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Rock Painting for Kids! Let's Rock!

Look inside these pages and you will find inspiration, step-by-step instructions, and loads of ideas for how to transform nature’s canvas into a truly unique form of art. Learn how to create hand-painted flowers, hearts, animals, food, trains, rocket ships and pretty places on the surface of rocks. Pocket rocks with meaningful words painted on them can be inspiration on the go. The ideas are limitless.

Not only is rock-painting a great creative outlet, it’s a wonderful way to create treasured, handmade gifts, transform rocks into colourful jewellery, magnets, cairns, and games. How about weaving your own story with hand-painted Story Rocks that entertain and provide enjoyment for kids and adults wherever you go.

Choose a rock and let that be your canvas. Let’s Rock teaches and inspires artists of all skill-levels to try their hand at the joyful art of rock painting. Brand new ideas and old favourites appear in this updated edition for today’s rock artists. As a bonus, patterns for the designs inside the book are included in the back. What are you waiting for? Let’s Rock!

Author Bio:

Author and illustrator Linda Kranz has created a variety of guided journals, a rock-painting book, as well as many inspirational children's picture books, including Only One You, You Be You, Love You When and Where I Belong. Linda's books focus on inspiring readers to go for their dreams and to explore their inner lives through the process of journaling, reading, and painting. Her book, Let’s Rock: Rock Painting for Kids, won an International Reading Association Children's Choices Award.


“Grade 1-6—Lively writing, colourful photos, and bright borders make this craft book particularly inviting. The author begins with an explanation of the types of paint and rocks best used for these projects, as well as general techniques for transferring designs and painting. Then the real fun begins with step-by-step, well-illustrated directions for decorating small, flat stones with flowers, animals, heart shapes, sports motifs, foods, places, holiday designs, and more. Kranz suggests using the finished items as gifts, which young children, perennially in search of inexpensive presents, will appreciate. The last eight pages are devoted to line art for each of the featured designs. These small pictures can be photocopied and used as guides for painting. By providing hours of creative entertainment at little cost, this offering is sure to be popular with crafty children and their teachers and caregivers.” – School Library Journal


Rock Painting for Kids! Let's Rock!

Author: Linda Kranz

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