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Social Work and Human Services Best Practice

Written by a team of authors with a broad range of practice, teaching and research experience in the field of social work and human services, this book considers the best practice models which are available to social workers today.

Social Work and Human Services Best Practice is organised around the 10 key issues of: child protection, young offenders, adult offenders, mental health, disability, healthcare, ageing, working in rural and remote communities, Indigenous Australians, and migrants and refugees. Comprehensive consideration is given to the practical, theoretical, legal and political aspects of working in these areas and effective strategies for doing so are identified.

Each chapter includes an introduction, a clear accessible structure, a summary, additional resource information such as links to useful websites, a list of review questions, and a chapter bibliography.

Clearly organised and user-friendly Social Work and Human Services Best Practice makes for essential reading for students and teachers of social work, human services and welfare studies, and an ideal sourcebook for practitioners working in the field.


  • Looking for the ‘Best’ in Practice: An Introduction - Jill Wilson and Wing Hong Chui
  • Child Protection - Chris Trotter
  • Young Offenders - Wing Hong Chui
  • Adult Offenders - Helen Cameron
  • Mental Health - Robert Bland and Noel Renouf
  • Disability - Lesley Chenoweth
  • Healthcare - Sandy Taylor
  • Older People - Deborah Setterlund, Jill Wilson and Cheryl Tilse
  • Rural and Remote Communities - Bob Lonne and Ros Darracott
  • Aboriginal Australians - Joanna Zubrzycki and Bindi Bennett in partnership with an Aboriginal reference group
  • Migrants and Refugees - Jennifer Martin
Social Work and Human Services Best Practice

Author: Wing Hong Chui, Jill Wilson

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