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Case Management: Policy, practice and professional business

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An introduction to case management for students and professionals in the human services.

Case management has become synonymous with service delivery in health and the human services internationally. It is used across diverse organisational settings and with different professional and client groups. Yet despite its predominance, case management remains elusive and chameleon-like in character.

This book goes beyond the prevailing case management rhetoric to challenge preconceptions, offer strategies for practice and explore issues of professional identity and development.


A 'tour de force' that integrates all of the major theoretical arguments and issues and empirical realities that pertain to case management and its diversity into one text that enables a reader to grasp the major aspects of case management practice...It is an important addition to the case management literature and it has international significance. - Professor David P. Moxley, School of Social Work, Wayne State University

This is by far the best introduction to case management that is currently available in the literature. - Associate Professor Peter Camilleri, School of Social Work, Australian Catholic University

The sophisticated understanding of the complexity of case management and the recognition of the contested and dynamic value orientations that underlie case management practice in various settings is indeed refreshing. - Professor Judith M. Parker AM, School of Postgraduate Nursing, University of Melbourne

Author Bio:

Di Gursansky, Judy Harvey and Rosemary Kennedy all lecture in the School of Social Work and Social Policy at the University of South Australia.

Case Management: Policy, practice and professional business

Author: Di Gursansky

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