Practice to make a difference.

Supervision in Action

Supervision assures the quality of professional practice through careful monitoring; it heals wounds through wholesome listening and support and offers a unique and free space to develop that which we all want to progress: our personal relationships.

This book will help professional supervisors, consultants and coaches with the `care for the self-aspect of their role - the art of enhancing one’s own performance with the help of experience in practice.

The book features:

  • A compact overview of the whole profession of coaching and consulting supervision
  • An integrated approach for coaches and consultants, highlighting differences
  • More than 40 real-life case vignettes
  • Short summaries after each chapter
  • A full overview of types of contract and methodology, with specific flowcharts
  • A detailed introduction to the ethics of supervision
  • Supervision in Action is a book for all professional consultants who want to take good care of themselves and who want to help other consultants and coaches with the care for the self.

Author Information:

Erik de Haan is the Director of the Ashridge Centre for Coaching and full Professor of Organisation Development and Coaching at the VU University, Amsterdam. He is also an organisation-development consultant, coach, supervisor and accreditor of coaches.

Supervision in Action

Author: Erik De Haan

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