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The Adventures of Stretch More: Pick-Your-Path Stories for Solving Problems Together

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Meet Stretch More, a rubber-band character who loves video games and skateboarding, but also has behaviour issues that frequently get him in trouble. Stretch is very inflexible!

If you know a child like Stretch; one who has difficulty adapting to changes, handling frustrations, and problem solving; then The Adventures of Stretch More can help! The book includes three pick-your-path stories and at key decision points in each story when Stretch could choose to be flexible or not, readers take control and decide how Stretch reacts, then turn the page to see the consequences of his behaviour.

This is the first children's book to demonstrate Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS), a therapy method pioneered by Dr. Ross Greene, that presumes kids act poorly because they lack the skills to deal with challenging situations. Together parents and children learn how to defuse the tension and build a more supportive approach to improving behaviour.

A perfect book for kids aged 8-13 who have ADHD, Tourette's, OCD, or Asperger's that also includes an information section for parents.

Author Bio:

Trina Epstein is a child and adolescent psychologist in Toronto, Canada. Her work includes helping inflexible children and their families.

The Adventures of Stretch More: Pick-Your-Path Stories for Solving Problems Together

Author: Trina Epstein

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