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The Appreciative Organisation

In the original version of this book the founders of the Taos Institute pooled their substantial resources to create a vision of a powerful and humanly nourishing form of organization and to share practices for bringing this organization into being. Today, The Appreciative Organization has been revised and updated. Based on the authors' diverse experiences in organizational life, they are unanimous in their view that the appreciative construction of meaning is essential to the efficacy of an organization and the fulfilment of its participants. In clear and direct language, the volume treats the challenges of decision making, leadership, group functioning, personnel evaluation, and the relationship of the organization to its context. Bold ideas are developed, examples described, and multiple suggestions developed for creating the appreciative organization.

The revised edition of the book builds upon the ideas, concepts and characteristics of the Appreciative Organization. Now included in the book is a section on helpful resources, a chapter on “valuation”, and much more. You will want to add this new “gem” to your personal library.

 This volume will be of special significance to consultants and organizational members who wish to see the key elements of appreciative inquiry realized in the everyday working of the organization 

The Appreciative Organisation

Author: Anderson, Cooperrider, Gergen

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