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The Bravehearts Toolbox for Practitioners Working with Child Sexual Assault

Combining the expertise of both researchers and practitioners specialising in the area of child sexual assault, this book provides an innovative, evidence-based approach to working with children and young people affected by sexual assault. It is an essential guide for general counsellors, school counsellors, psychologists, youth workers, chaplains, mental health practitioners and other allied health professionals, to provide them with the necessary information and skills to support children and young people affected by sexual assault. Its purpose is to build the confidence of these frontline workers and to reassure them that they do in fact possess the necessary skills to continue to work with their client once the issue of sexual assault has been raised.

Bravehearts Inc. is a national, registered charity whose members believe that the provision of effective support and care to children who have been sexually assaulted and their non-offending families, together with effective prevention, early intervention and increased community awareness will provide a fundamental cornerstone necessary to a healthy society.

Praise for The Bravehearts Toolbox

This how-to book facilitates education, empowerment, and protection by clinicians who will integrate all the practical information and activities into their repertoire to increase therapeutic outcomes. I heartily endorse this publication as a critical resource for anyone working with children or adolescents. — Dr John Barletta, Clinical Psychologist.

Written in a clear and concise manner leaving the reader in no doubt regarding the insidious nature of this crime and the impact upon the victim.  Thoughtfully constructed and clearly sensitive to the needs of victims, it presents a set of tools that will enable the practitioner to more confidently address issues surrounding child sexual assault, and has the capacity to serve as a valuable resource for all those who work in the area.  — Dr Lynne M. Baker , University of Queensland

Clearly laid out with good background information on myths, facts and statistics, this book is an excellent guide on dealing with such problems with practical, therapy-based activities with clear directions to follow. Frequented by preferential phrases to use and which to avoid, all of which can help improve the consultation, as well as important reminders of how a simple phrase or question can impact any legal investigation. Highly recommended to any therapist who works with children: not just those who specifically work with known child sexual assault. — Dr Dylan Wilson, Paediatrician.

must have for mental health practitioners, teachers, school counsellors, medical practitioners, allied health practitioners and for those who are uncertain about their ability to respond effectively and take action accordingly when someone discloses child sexual assault. Beautifully put together and easy to read. — Jan Bond, Clinical Counsellor

This book increases the reader’s confidence in their ability to respond to and treat clients who have experienced child sexual assault by providing information and skills based on the authors’ obvious expertise in the area. It is essential reading for those just starting out in the field, but is equally as useful to the more experienced clinician looking to reinforce and extend on their existing therapeutic skills.  — Shelli Hastings, Clinical Psychologist 

The Bravehearts Toolbox for Practitioners Working with Child Sexual Assault

Author: Dr Nadine McKillop, Carol Ronk

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