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The Child's Voice in Family Therapy: A Systemic Perspective

Presenting a wide range of practical interventions, including art, video, and play therapy, Carole Gammer provides a comprehensive set of tools to use with children who are part of a family in therapy. Unlike many books on family therapy, this one places children's voices and experiences at the forefront.




  • Chapter 1 – Thinking about the Family

Part 1 – Techniques

  • Chapter 2 – Dramatization techniques
  • Chapter 3 – Metaphor techniques
  • Chapter 4 – Systemic art techniques
  • Chapter 5 – Externalization
  • Chapter 6 – Setting limits
  • Chapter 7 – The restoration of play
  • Chapter 8 – Links to the past
  • Chapter 9 – Video-supported interventions

Part 2 – Putting it all together

  • Chapter 10 – A roadmap for the therapy
  • Chapter 11 – Opening moves – the first interview
  • Chapter 12 – Continuing

Part 3 – Special themes

  • Chapter 13 – Children with hyperactive behaviour
  • Chapter 14 – Sibling relationships
  • Epilogue, Bibliography, Index

Book Jacket.

"Emphasizing a range of practical interventions, Gammer offers the clinician an array of methods for recognizing the needs of children taking part in family therapy, and for helping children gain the most benefit from the therapeutic experience. Individual chapters are devoted to useful techniques and tools, including dramatization, therapist-generated metaphors, art therapy, video-supported intervention, and play therapy. Clinical case studies appear throughout the book, so that every technique is clearly conveyed through numerous examples of actual families in therapy.

Author Bio:

Carole Gammer, PhD, studied at the University of Wisconsin and taught at Harvard University. She lives in Paris, France.

The Child's Voice in Family Therapy: A Systemic Perspective

Author: Carole Gammer

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