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The Practice of Clinical Supervision

Quality clinical supervision for counselling, psychotherapy and other mental health and related disciplines seldom occurs by accident. Rather it is the result of strategic planning by counsellors, administrators and supervisors working in partnership. The aim of such collaboration is to find a practical and appropriate process to support the counsellor in the workplace to achieve best practice in their everyday work. With attention to supervision, the emerging professional can be protected from the euphoria of a grand vocational adventure dissolving into the despair of a fading dream. This book is a state of the art summary of where supervision is today and what are some of the crucial themes we need to consider as supervisors

An invaluable update for the experienced supervisor. Its scope and cross-professional application (counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists, social workers, life and business coaches) ensures all who are interested in supervision can benefit from this book. It will also be attractive to trainee practitioners who are beginning supervision and to trainee supervisors who are taking their first steps as supervisors.


Part A: Introduction

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Clinical Supervision
  • Chapter 2: Administration and Marketing of Supervision

Part B: Professional Issues

  • Chapter 3: Professional Organisations and Resources in Counselling and Psychology
  • Chapter 4: Ethical Issues in the Clinical Supervision of
  • Evidence-Based Practices
  • Chapter 5: Recent Supervision Scholarship

Part C: Approaches

Chapter 6: Models of Supervision: From Theory to Practice

  • Chapter 7: Alliance Supervision to Enhance Client Outcomes
  • Chapter 8: Processes and interventions to facilitate supervisees' learning
  • Chapter 9: Addressing supervisee fears in supervision

Part D: People

  • Chapter 10: The Supervisory Relationship
  • Chapter 11: Modes of supervision
  • Chapter 12: Supervisor development
  • Chapter 13: Who are Australian counsellors and how do they attend to their professional development?

Part E: Evaluation

  • Chapter 14: Purposeful Assessment: An integral aspect of supervision
  • Chapter 15: Supervision as Gatekeeping: Managing professional competency problems in student supervisees
  • Chapter 16: Assessment of Competence

Part F: Emerging and Specialist Issues

  • Chapter 17: Culture-Infused counselling supervision
  • Chapter 18: Supervision of applied specialties - unique aspects
  • Chapter 19: The use of technology in supervision
  • Chapter 20: Supervising clinical placement

Author Bio:

Nadine Pelling, PhD, earned her BA (Hon) Psychology from the University of Western Ontario in Canada and her MA and PhD in Counselling Psychology from Western Michigan University. Trained and experienced as a psychologist and counsellor, she has called Australia home since 2000. Nadine has produced over 75 publications and has made over 40 conference presentations and is a member of the Australian Psychological Society Nadine was also awarded the Australian Psychological Society's prestigious Early Career Teaching Award in Psychology in 2006.and is a Senior Lecturer in Clinical Psychology at the University of South Australia, Adelaide.

John Barletta, PhD, a Clinical Psychologist in private practice, enjoys providing therapy, medico-legal reports, clinical supervision, psychometric assessments, consultation and workshops. He has supervised psychologists, counsellors, social workers, nurses, educators, clergy and administrators for many years. John earned his doctorate from Ohio University, and masters from University of Queensland. He is an Accredited Supervisor with the Psychologists Registration Board of Queensland, a Registered Supervisor with the Australian Counselling Association, was on the editorial board of Counsellor Education and Supervision, and is on the International Scientific Committee of the Accademia di Psicoterapia della Famiglia, Rome. A member of the Australian Psychological Society.

Philip Armstrong, a PhD candidate, has a graduate degree in Counselling from University of New England (NSW), a Diploma of Applied Science (Counselling), and is a registered clinical supervisor with Australian Counselling Association (ACA). Philip has been a therapist since 1995 when he worked with veterans with whom he had an affinity due to shared experience as a member of the Australian Army. Much of his work since has centred on men's issues and relationships. He has maintained a practice but has moved into the CEO position with ACA, and is Secretary General of the Asia Pacific Rim Confederation of Counsellors. He is editor and founder of the peer reviewed Counselling Australia, and co-founder and managing editor of Counselling Psychotherapy and Health.

The Practice of Clinical Supervision

Author: Peling, Barletta and Armstrong

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