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Validation Breakthrough: Simple Techniques for Communicating with People with Alzheimer's and Other Dementias 3ed

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Validation is a practical way of communicating with and managing problem behaviour in older adults with Alzheimer's-type dementia. It helps reduce stress, enhance dignity, and increase happiness. Since its inception in 1989, Validation has helped thousands of professional and family caregivers improve their relationships with residents and loved ones with dementia. Caregivers who use these techniques validate older adults' expressed feelings, rather than focusing on disorientation and confusion.

 In this Anniversary Edition of The Validation Breakthrough, you'll learn how to

  • Re-create relationships between confused older adults and their caregivers.
  • Be caring and non-judgmental
  • Understand and handle challenging behaviours
  • Interpret non-verbal cues in a way that promotes communication
  • Implement Validation in your own care setting through the experiences of Authorized Validation Organizations around the world

 The Validation method is easy to learn and positive results can be seen in both caregivers and residents.

  • Residents express less anger and anxiety, decreasing the need for chemical and physical restraints.
  • Residents communicate more and exhibit an increased sense of humour
  • Residents often move better and experience an improved sense of self-worth.
  • Staff members express a greater sense of fulfilment at work and feel better prepared for handling difficult situations.
  • Staff members demonstrate a higher level of camaraderie
  • Families visit more often.

 The Validation Breakthrough is an essential resource for all settings providing dementia care including assisted living facilities, nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities, hospice, home health care, adult day services, family care settings, and more.

 Join the 10,000+ agencies in over 16 countries that are successfully implementing Validation in their organizations and start changing how you care for individuals with dementia today.

Validation Breakthrough: Simple Techniques for Communicating with People with Alzheimer's and Other Dementias 3ed

Author: Naomi Feil

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