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We Need to Talk about Pornography: A Resource to Educate Young People about the Potential Impact of Pornography and Sexualised Images on Relationships, Body Image and Self-esteem

This is a practical educational resource that teachers and youthworkers can use to teach young people about pornography. The lesson plans and activities aim to open up discussions, explore values and attitudes, build personal skills and give information about what can be a difficult topic for professionals to talk about.


  • About the author.
  • Overview.
  • Section 1. Introduction. Identifying the need. Purpose of this Resource. How Young People Learn about Sex and Relationships. Sex, Porn and the Law.
  • Section 2. Guidelines for Teaching SRE that Includes Pornography. Continuing Professional Development. Keeping Parents and Carers Informed. Partnership Agencies and Involving the Wider Community.
  • Section 3. Guide to Using this Resource. Facilitating Group Learning. Supporting Different Learning Needs. Creating a Safe Learning Environment. Key Vocabulary.
  • Section 4. Overview of Each chapter.
  • Section 5. 1. What is Porn?.
  • Activity 1: What is Pornography?.
  • Activity 2: Pictures Not Porn, Please.
  • Activity 3: Legal Attitudes.
  • Activity 4: The Great Porn Debate.
  • Activity 5: Porn Stereotypes.
  • Activity 6: Viewing Numbers.
  • Activity 7: Who is responsible?.
  • Activity 8: Porn as Sex Education.
  • Activity 9: Pornography and the Curriculum.
  • Activity 10: Where is the Danger?.
  • Activity 11: Is that Even Legal?.
  • Activity 12: Revenge Porn and the Law.
  • 2. Shopping, Music and the Media.
  • Activity 1: Where Do You Stand?.
  • Activity 2: Sex on the High Street.
  • Activity 3: Shops and Marketing.
  • Activity 4: What Did You Say?.
  • Activity 5: Mug Messages.
  • Activity 6: Selling the Song.
  • Activity 7: Cartoon Messages.
  • Activity 8: Create Your Own Superhero.
  • Activity 9: The Only Way is Reality.
  • Activity 10: Reality Sex.
  • Activity 11: Guess the Product.
  • Activity 12: Advertising - Facts and Opinions.
  • 3. Porn and Body Image.
  • Activity 1: Porn Statements.
  • Activity 2: Perfect People.
  • Activity 3: Industry Influences.
  • Activity 4: Under the Knife.
  • Activity 5: 100 Years of Glamour.
  • Activity 6: Curvy Bottles.
  • Activity 7: Body Image Game.
  • Activity 8: The Muff March.
  • Activity 9: Changing Body Image through Art.
  • Activity 10: Behind the Mask.
  • Activity 11: Sexual Stereotypes.
  • Activity 12: Body Image Pot Shots.
  • 4. Porn V. Real Life Relationships.
  • Activity 1: Four Words.
  • Activity 2: Porn V. Reality.
  • Activity 3: Why Do People Have Sex?.
  • Activity 4: Fantasy or Truth?.
  • Activity 5: At What Age Are You Ready?.
  • Activity 6: Backwards Fairy Tales.
  • Activity 7: Gossip, Rumours and Lies.
  • Activity 8: Relationship Bullying.
  • Activity 9: Powers of Persuasion.
  • Activity 10: Flirting or Sexual Harassment?.
  • Activity 11: Personal Boundaries.
  • Activity 12: Ground Rules in Relationships.
  • Activity 13: How to Say What You Want to Say.
  • Activity 14; Identifying Relationship Boundaries.
  • Activity 15: Someone to Trust.
  • 5. Sexting, revenge Porn and Online Sexual Bullying.
  • Activity 1: Please Share.
  • Activity 2: Sexting and the Law.
  • Activity 3: Using Social Media.
  • Activity 4: Truth or Lie?.
  • Activity 5: Social Media Quiz.
  • Activity 6: Please Forward.
  • Activity 7: Photo Stories.
  • Activity 8: Taking Risks.
  • Activity 9: Social Media Profile Review.
  • Activity 10: Online Dating. Additional Information and Support.
  • Appendix 1. Example Letter for Parents/Carers - Schools.
  • Appendix 2. Example Letter for Parents/Carers - Youth Services.
  • Appendix 3. Example Invitation to a Parental Information Workshop.
  • Appendix 4. Quick Guide to Staying Safe Online and Social Media for Parents.
  • Appendix 5. Evaluation Form.

Author Bio:

Vanessa Rogers is a qualified teacher and youth worker with over ten years' experience both at practitioner and management levels. Prior to becoming a nationally acclaimed youth work consultant, Vanessa managed a wide range of services for young people including a large youth centre and targeted detached projects in Hertfordshire, UK. Vanessa has written a number of popular resource books for those working with young people.


This is an excellent resource designed to inform and educate students about a subject that needs to be discussed openly within a safe environment.

We Need to Talk about Pornography: A Resource to Educate Young People about the Potential Impact of Pornography and Sexualised Images on Relationships, Body Image and Self-esteem

Author: Vanessa Rogers

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