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Working with Vulnerable Adults

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In recent years there has been increasing concern about the protection from abuse of adults who receive social services or who are in residential or nursing home care. In 2001 social services departments were given lead responsibility for co-ordinating responses to allegations and situations of abuse. At the same time, there has been a drive towards multi-agency work. This text covers key issues in service provision for all vulnerable groups and in particular examines:

Contemporary policy
relevant theory
protection issues at all levels of interaction

The ethical dilemmas and philosophical implications of protective action. With case study examples and practical exercises throughout, Working with Vulnerable Adults provides a much needed handbook for those studying and working within this area.


  • Introduction
  • Part I: Understanding Protection and Vulnerable Adults
  • 1 Context and Background: social work and vulnerable adults
  • 2. Using the law in adult protection
  • 3. Interdisciplinary working and new alliances
  • 4. Quality assurance, inspection and management issues in domiciliary, day and residential care
  • Part II: Working with Vulnerable Adults
  • 5. Assessment in social work with vulnerable adults
  • 6. Mental health and issues concerning capacity
  • 7. Practice with adults with learning disability and protection issues
  • 8. Practice with physical disability and health care issues
  • 9. Community abuse and asylum seekers


Jonathan Parker, Bournemouth University, UK

Bridget Penhale, University of Hull, UK

Working with Vulnerable Adults

Author: Jonathan Parker, Bridget Penha

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