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Celebrating You...Celebrating Me!

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Immigrating and cultural diversity are central to the characteristics of the American experience. The United States accepts immigrants from more places around the world than any other nation. During the past century, the mix of people in the United States has become more varied which has impacted American classrooms. There is growing body of evidence that links multicultural education to improved academic performance and many states have adopted general goals, recognising the value of ethnic and cultural diversity.

Each of the Multicultural Holidays Explored in this volume includes:

  • Classroom Lesson
  • Worksheets
  • Craft Suggestions
  • ParentWise Newsletter
  • Suggested Stories to Share
  • Bulletin Board Ideas
  • Activities
Grades K-6
Author: Martha A. Sharts, M.Ed
Celebrating You...Celebrating Me!

Author: Youthlight

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