Practice to make a difference.

Girl Games

The 5 games are played similar to the traditional card games which make them fun and easy to play.

Cards include different topics with thought-provoking questions that can help facilitate meaningful discussions. Each card game focuses on one aspect of bullying or relational aggression.

1. Crazy Dates (Crazy Eights)
Respect; Appreciation; Support; Safety; Trust; Put-Downs; Ignoring;
Feeling Uncomfortable; Pressure; Fights; Control; Possessiveness

2. Queen of Mean (Old Maid)
Lying; Gossip; Fights; Bullying; Rumours; Best Friends; Exclusion;
Jealousy; Secrets; Accusations; Put-Downs; Violence

3. Peace Not War (War)
Peaceful Relationships; Self-Improvement; Affirmations; Self-Reflection;
Consequences of Rumours; Helping Others; Looking at Accomplishments

4. Confidence Concentration (Memory)
Body Image; Likes & Dislikes; Hobbies; Difficulties; Goals;
Achievements; Pride; Appearance; Strengths

5. Go Talk (Go Fish)
Emotions & Communication; Accusing; Defensiveness; Emotions;
Adult Helpers; Conflicts; Listening; Patience

Author - Shannon Trice Black

Girl Games

Author: Youthlight

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