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How Not To Be a Bully Target

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About 160000 children are afraid to attend school in fear of being bullied. One in seven children have reported being a victim of bullying at some time throughout their school days. These statistics are staggering and alarming.

This program helps targets of bullying behaviour to appreciate and tap into their own inner-strengths. They will begin to value themselves and realize that everyone deserves respect. The self-confidence building techniques empower children to realize that they deserve to be treated with dignity. They learn how to avoid being the target of bullies. With the reading of each new episode children emerge stronger and more confident as they accomplish each follow-up task. The activities are tools that enable students to withstand bully attacks no matter what form they take. They encourage kindness empathy and acceptance. As her story unfolds Mya McGreggor (a fifth grade student) develops more self-confidence. Readers also find that positive self-regard is a quality that they can and must nurture. It is the key to not becoming a bully target.

Featured methods to combat bullying include:

  • Changing negative thought patterns
  • Erasing painful memories
  • Looking for good in ourselves and others
  • Seeing life like a bully
  • Creating a personalized journal


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Author: Terry Centrone

How Not To Be a Bully Target

Author: Youthlight

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