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Letters From Prison

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Living in such a reality based world it is difficult as educators and adult leaders to get through to some teens today. Letters from Prison is a riveting way to reach young people who are at high risk of getting into trouble or have already experienced some difficulty. These letters provide a real look at what happens when you make poor choices or act on impulses. The discussion questions that follow each letter help teens to look at the risk factors that lead to the person getting into trouble. Afterwards the teen can reflect on their own life by journaling what they learned from reading that particular letter.

If you love troubled teens you will love this book. Unwaveringly honest emotionally wrenching and always thought-provoking this book can be used by all who spend their days influencing young and often wayward lives. The featured stories range from poetic musings on life to thoughtful connections between our childhoods and our adult outcomes. The lessons conveyed through the writing will grip the attention of any teenager and cause them to thoughtfully consider how their choices today can affect their lives tomorrow. In the end there is hopeful encouragement about the future. -Counsellor at New Beginnings Counselling Centre in Hixson TN


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Author: Monique Holeyfield, MS

Letters From Prison

Author: Youthlight

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