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Thrive: A Survival Guide for Today's Educator

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Thrive! A Survival Guide for Today's Educator is a ground-breaking masterpiece!

 It will help professionals to develop a fresh enlightened perspective and attitude toward their lives and toward their noble but sometimes discouraging profession. Every educator (grades PK-12) should pause and reflect upon the urgently needed questions considerations and words of great wisdom contained in this book. It will help the readers to cut-to-the-core of what is really important in their lives and in their perceptions about being professional educators. It can be read privately or worked-through together with colleagues.

Progressing through this book will provide educators with powerful support and guidance as they experience its activities and suggestions. Each section addresses a different critical issue that confronts today's educators. Use this book for:

  • Personal inspiration and rejuvenation of any educator
  • New educator induction training and orientation
  • An educator-to-educator mentoring program
  • Educator support groups
  • Educator book clubs
  • A supporting text for a graduate course in education
  • On-going faculty professional development seminars and meetings


Author: Ronald Miles PhD

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Thrive: A Survival Guide for Today's Educator

Author: Youthlight

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