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Aboriginal Spirit Oracle Cards

Spirit Dreaming Mission Statement is; "When we heal our spirit, by engaging our inner selves and the wisdom of the land, we can then move to heal the physical body. Once we have healed in spirit and body, we can then move forward to heal our communities."

The Aboriginal Spirit Oracle Cards are produced by Mel Brown of Spirit Dreaming.

Mel has produced these beautifully illustrated cards and accompanying guidebook. This easy to use deck is a perfect tool to help guide you through life and assist to clarify issues.

What will this deck do for you as the Reader?

Readers are able to ask questions of the deck and draw a card for immediate guidance for their problems.

The Aboriginal Spirit Oracle Cards are similar to a Tarot deck.  Some cards are wonderful and offer messages of praise and positive affirmations, whereas some cards have stern messages that challenge the Reader to look at their own behaviours or that of others to address the issues at hand.

What makes the Aboriginal Spirit Oracles unique?


  •  Mel Brown channelled, created, wrote and painted the artwork for the Aboriginal Spirit Oracle Cards.
  • The Aboriginal Spirit Oracle Cards combine aspects of the feminine Goddess energy together with Aboriginal spirituality.
  • The spiritual and Aboriginal artwork is unique from that of any other artwork seen in Oracle and Tarot Cards.
  • These cards appeal to both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people who are seeking further guidance from Oracle Cards.

Other titles by Mel Brown 

Aboriginal Spirit Oracle Cards

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CD: Aboriginal Spirit Meditation

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Aboriginal Spirit Oracle Cards

Author: Mel Brown

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