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Affirmation Cards: Whispering Angels

A gift box containing 24 messages of guidance from the angels.

Ethereal imagery and uplifting quotations about guidance in your life and recognising the angels you encounter every day.

Some examples are:

  • Angels fly because they take themselves lightly.
  • Angels are often silent, but they are listening to every thought that stirs your soul.
  • Listen closely; you can hear the soft rustle of wings. Your angel is protecting you.
  • Angels exist but sometimes, since they don’t all have wings, we call them friends.
  • Remember that angels are always with you.
  • To see an angel, you must see another’s soul. To feel an angel, you must touch another’s heart. To hear an angel you must listen to both.

This set comes in a coloured box with timber stand for display.

Make someone’s day by writing a personalised pearl of wisdom on to the blank card.

Affirmation Cards: Whispering Angels

Author: Little Affirmations

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