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Mindful Moments Meditation Activity Cards

Keep your neuroplasticity function on the up with these 3 - 5 minute meditation activity cards.

Great for use on a personal level, for couples, families, groups, or for use in schools.

Cards include:

Guided breathing: It is recommended that each session starts with a Breathing Card in Order to slow down and get “into the zone” the cards focus on the breath itself and the body around the breath.

Body scan: These cards focus on detailed awareness on different areas of the body

Desert Pea cards: (based on the Indigenous Australian Practice of mindfulness, known by one mob as Dadirri) to guide you in a unique way. These cards have an Australian essence to them, bring focused on quiet still awareness, inner deep listening and feeling nature. These cards are inspired by a 40,000 year old Australian spiritual practice that comes from the world’s oldest living indigenous culture.

Activity: These cards have an external focus that involves doing gentle exercises or connecting to external surroundings.

Clear easy instructions on how to use the cards included.

You can even record a few on your phone to listen to when the time is right!


Mindful Moments Meditation Activity Cards

Author: Need A Hint

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