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Social Skills Role Play Cards, Set 1: Facial Expressions & Body Language

A fun way to help young people to develop deeper social understanding.

Many young people struggle to develop friendships as they are unable to use or misinterpret cues such as expressions, body language, gesture and tone of voice to interpret other people's intentions. These fun role-play scenarios enable young people to practice and reinforce both verbal and non-verbal cues in simple scenarios and build on these with more complex interactions in social situations.

Use at school, home or in therapy, with individuals or small groups.

Set 1 Facial Expressions & Body Language

Cover the basics of communication with facial expressions, body parts and whole body posture. No sounds are used during these role plays.

Clear, one sentence scenarios start by eliciting basic emotions and expressions e.g., Happy, Sad, Angry, Excited, Scared, before moving on to more complex whole body postures and movements, e.g., Walking as if scared, Hiding as if naughty.

48 cards 121x75mm, laminated, on a jump ring. Full instructions and ideas in pack.

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Social Skills Role Play Cards, Set 2: Social Situations

Author bio:

Sue Jennings - Author, Traveller and Creative Group Worker Supervisor, Play Therapist and Dramatherapist. Sue has pioneered Dramatherapy and Playtherapy in UK and Europe and established it as a postgraduate practice. Has written over 30 books on Dramatherapy, Playtherapy, Storytelling, Puppetry, Groupwork, Fertility, Ritual, Folklore and Theatre.

Social Skills Role Play Cards, Set 1: Facial Expressions & Body Language

Author: Sue Jennings, Sarah Miles

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