Practice to make a difference.

Note to Self

Many of us surround ourselves with sticky notes, scraps of paper, or lists of things we want to remind ourselves to do on a day-to-day basis. Note to Self is a set of 24 stunning cards created by local author, Gena McLean, and designed by Castlemaine artist, Robyn Spicer.

  • It reminds us that we have control over our thoughts and actions;
  • that we have choices;
  • that our lives can be rich with meaning when we feel connected and fulfilled.

Note to Self is steeped in the principles of Choice Theory interwoven with components of Reality Therapy. We believe it will become a must-have tool for counsellors, trainers, or anyone who wants to make a positive difference to their life.

Right questions at the right time are powerful catalysts for change and we all need these reminders to be the best we can be.

These cards are for anyone who wants to take effective control of their life, make conscious choices and clarify goals.

With over 70 questions for counsellors, social workers, managers and educators,

Note to Self consists of 24 full colour cards, split into 6 groups, statement on the front and questions on the reverse

Groups: Preservation, Practice, Potential. Power, Purpose and Perspective


Practice: I Embrace Life

"what does it mean to live in the present" "how might I embrace life when things seem bad?" "what can I celebrate today?"


Note to Self

Author: Innovative Resources

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