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Signposts: Exploring Everyday Spirituality

What is important, meaningful or sacred to you?

Signposts is set of 48 cards for building meaningful conversations about spirituality, connectedness, faith and transformation, while recognising and celebrating the diverse ways in which people express their innermost beliefs.

This tool is not based on particular theology or philosophy, but offers ways to reflect on life’s purpose and to convert values into actions. Each card combines a powerful, evocative, full-colour photograph with a few simple words. The result is a stunning set of cards that can revitalise our practice of contemplation and create dynamic conversations with others about matters we hold closest to our hearts.

For meditation, contemplation and reflection…

  • Choose a card at random. Think about both the picture and the text. What are all the possible meanings this card has for you? At what times in your life have you felt closest to these meanings? What challenges does this card have for you?

For journalling and reflective writing…

  • Choose a card that resonates with you for some reason. Can you finish the sentence: ‘I chose this card because…’? Try listing all the words that the card evokes for you.

For building conversations…

  • If you are part of a spiritual tradition, religion or denomination, which Signposts cards are central to this tradition? Do any of the cards surprise you? Do they say something about spirituality that is new to you or that you haven’t thought much about?

This captivating set of cards is an ideal resource for chaplains, psychologists, spiritual counsellors, creative therapists and social workers. Signposts is also perfect for families looking for a gentle way to open discussions about values and beliefs with children and young people.


Signposts: Exploring Everyday Spirituality

Author: Innovative Resources

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