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Single, unadorned words can have great power and resonance. They can stand like beacons to illuminate our feelings, memories and stories.

The Words set contains 100 cards, each featuring a single word. Some are nouns (Dream, Chance, Trust), other are adjectives (Moody, Lonely, Tired). Some speak of difficulty and challenge, and some speak of new possibilities and hope. But they are all everyday words that can be used to open up conversations about meaning, significance, thoughts, feelings... and other words.

  • Randomly choose three cards. What do the words bring to mind? Does one resonate more than the others? Why? Would this word have significance at different times?
  • Select Words cards that convey a sense of light or lightness. Do you currently have this sense of light or is it something you long for? How might you find light in your life?
  • Select cards that represent the courage you may need for a challenge you're facing. How might you find more of this courage in your life?
  • Select a word to focus on for the day. Reflect, explore, discuss, write a poem or journal with this word.
  • Which words describe how you feel about a relationship? Which words do you imagine the other person would choose to describe you and your relationship? Which cards represent qualities you would like to see more of in the relationship?

Originally developed as a tool for grief and loss counselling, Words is a highly versatile card set, ideal for use in teaching, creative arts therapy, family counselling and many other fields. Beautiful in their simplicity, the Words cards make great prompts for public-speaking, storytelling, icebreakers, mind-mapping and interviewing. 

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