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The Bear Cards

The Bear Cards ® are a beautiful, high quality set of feeling cards featuring 48 bear characters showing a wide range of emotions.

The magic of these cards is the way that they engage people, especially children and help them to recognise, identify and talk about feelings. The bear characters are cute, furry and free of gender, age or ethnicity.

The Bear Cards ® can be used in many different contexts: how they are put to work will be influenced by what you wish to achieve. They can be used informally as fun games or as part of more structured activities, either way encouraging children to regularly explore and talk about feelings has ongoing benefits.

Each pack contains:

48 Laminated bear cards with rounded corners (card size: 105 X148mm)

24 page full colour booklet

Sticker sheet with a special passkey for fee downloads

Sturdy 2 piece laminated box (box size: 117 X 160 X 26mm)

Also available

The Bear Cards Sticker Book

The Bear Cards

Author: John Veeken

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