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What Do You Stand For?

A Character Building Card Game

Turn learning into a game and kids will want to play. Based on What Do You Stand For? For Kids by Barbara A. Lewis, this card game spotlights ten top character traits:

  • Caring,
  • Citizenship,
  • Cooperation,
  • Fairness,
  • Forgiveness,
  • Honesty,
  • Relationships,
  • Respect,
  • Responsibility,
  • and Safety.

To win, players collect cards of each trait. Each card features a "What If" scenario or question about character that gets kids thinking about what they would do-and what they stand for.

Meant to be played with adult supervision (a teacher, counselor, or youth worker familiar with character education themes), the game includes an insert with rules and basic character education concepts.

What Do You Stand For?

Author: Barbara A Lewis

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