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  • Teaching Social Skills to Youth: An Easy-to-Follow Guide to Teaching 183 Basic to Complex Life Skills (With CD) 3ed

    Teaching Social Skills to Youth: An Easy-to-Follow Guide to Teaching 183 Basic to Complex Life Skills (With CD) 3ed

    by Tom Dowd

    Teaching Social Skills to Youth is Boys Town's trademark manual, offering the step-by-step component behaviours to 183 skills. The skills range from basic to complex and have been updated to reflect the challenges today's youth face. This third edition still includes hallmark treatment examples, demonstrating how and when to teach the skills. New insights and information, based on the latest research findings, have been added. Also added are details about multi-tiered approaches to social and emotional learning, and how skills relate to executive function. The appendices highlight what skills to...

  • Attachment-Focused Family Therapy Workbook

    Attachment-Focused Family Therapy Workbook

    by Daniel A. Hughes

    A practical workbook companion to Attachment-Focused Family Therapy, the best-selling text that brought attachment into the realm of family therapy. Daniel A. Hughes, a leading practitioner in his field, specializes in an attachment-oriented approach to family therapy. Applying his model to children and families with a range of psychological problems, this book distills just the clinical strategies, offering practitioners a host of practical exercises and interventions on the core skills of his treatment program. An accompanying DVD demonstrates Hughes putting these strategies to work in a therapy session, revealing the undeniable power...

  • Browser the Mouse and His Internet Adventure with audio CD

    Browser the Mouse and His Internet Adventure with audio CD

    by Youthlight

    *No refund on this item: Was: $25.45* *Reduced by 20% - Now $20.35* This full-colour adorably illustrated book tells the story of Browser the Mouse who makes the decision to try out the new family computer without waiting for his parents' help. His excitement turns to frustration confusion and fear as he finds himself lost in a world of chat rooms blogs and pop-up windows. After telling his parents everything they call a family meeting to discuss using technology safely. Designed to promote dialogue and provide practical safety skills for...

  • CD: 10 Minute Guided Relaxation

    CD: 10 Minute Guided Relaxation

    by James Wild & Olga Thomas

    Take a break and refresh yourself. A quick way to recharge your energies and refresh your mind, soothe away the strains of the day Progressive body relaxation that will release tension from your muscles Beautiful relaxing music to guide you into a state of calm. Here are two short guided relaxations to help soothe away the strains of the day. Both tracks take you through a step-by-step process of muscular/body relaxation. The narration is the same giving you a choice of a female or male voice. Ideal for...

  • CD: 13 Tones of Creation

    CD: 13 Tones of Creation

    13 TONES OF CREATION ELVINA MUNIR A hypnotic sound scape featuring tubular bells, energy chimes, Native American flute and Tibetan singing bowls. Tuned to the Pythagorean frequency of A 432 Hz, the 13 Tones of Creation are in perfect resonance with the human body, the Earth and the vibration of the Universe. Every tone of the 13 Tones of Creation is imbued with information from the open heart frequency of 8 Hz, also the frequency of the relaxed alpha brainwave state and the Earth’s electromagnetic frequency known as the Schumann...

  • CD: Aboriginal Spirit Meditation

    CD: Aboriginal Spirit Meditation

    by Mel Brown

    If you are feeling stressed, anxious or burnt out it might be time to relax, turn inwards and find peace within. This guided meditation by Mel Brown, Ngunnawal Aboriginal woman and clairvoyant, has been written and designed to help you access that sacred space within, to promote a holistic sense of happiness and peace. Aboriginal Spirit Meditation takes you on a guided journey to a sacred place beyond the confines of space and time, to a place where unconditional love envelopes your entire being, bringing with it a sense...

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