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CD: 10 Minute Guided Relaxation

  • Take a break and refresh yourself.
  • A quick way to recharge your energies and refresh your mind, soothe away the strains of the day
  • Progressive body relaxation that will release tension from your muscles
  • Beautiful relaxing music to guide you into a state of calm.

Here are two short guided relaxations to help soothe away the strains of the day. Both tracks take you through a step-by-step process of muscular/body relaxation. The narration is the same giving you a choice of a female or male voice. Ideal for a person with a busy lifestyle; these quick relaxation sessions can be used whenever you wish to regain a sense of tranquillity and calm. The gentle flowing music by James Wild includes a dactylic rhythm – a very light drum beat ambling softly through each meditation for strengthening the body’s subtle energy system.

As a bonus the music continues after the narration to make each track 25 minutes in length - extra time to drift off on your own. 

2 Tracks (50 mins)


  • "Everyone loves the 10 Minute Guided Relaxation in our yoga class - wonderful" - L Kable, Byron Bay, Australia
  • "A very good relaxation to unwind to - very clear and simple but powerful" - W Blethen, Nightcliff, Australia
  • "What a great little de-stresser. I use it all the time when I need to relax.” J Kiwana, Kent, UK
  • "Perfect recording. A little beauty. Thanks so much." - P Knights, USA
CD: 10 Minute Guided Relaxation

Author: James Wild & Olga Thomas

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