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CD: Meditation for Kids

This is a beautiful set of meditations with soothing music and gentle sound effects. Suitable for children aged 3 to 8 for relaxation or bedtime. The little one's will be able to relax and tap into a world of healing and peace as they are guided into their imagination sparking a wonder which both children and adults alike will enjoy.

Total running time approx. 55 mins


  • Angel Bedtime Meditation 05:06
  • Sailing Boat On Calm Waters 04:17
  • Dragon 05:40
  • Sleepy Night Garden 04:03
  • Koala In A Gum Tree 03:36
  • Turtle Meditation 03:50
  • Hot Air Balloon Trip 04:30
  • Rainbow Friend Meditation 05:30
  • Camp Fire Friends 03:29
  • Tree Meditation 04:56
  • Gayatri Mantra 02:44
  • Make A Wish 02:18
  • Music for Meditation 04:34

Author Bio:

Sada, Australian musician songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, teacher, artist, author and melody maker. Sada loves to create and teach. Her meditation offerings have the right ingredients to guide the listening ears towards a peaceful place. ॐ

CD: Meditation for Kids

Author: Sada

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