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CD: Still Quiet Place: mindfulness for teens

A Place to Chill and be Yourself

Sometimes being a teenager sucks, and you need a place of your own, where you can kick back, chill, and just be yourself. The Still Quiet Place can be that place; it is a source of power and peace that is always inside you– when you are taking a test, listening to music, arguing with your parents, or laughing at something.

You can find the Still Quiet Place by just closing your eyes and taking a few slow deep breaths.

In just a few moments you have learned to watch the breath come and go. With a bit of practice you can learn to rest in the Still Quiet Place and watch your thoughts and feelings come and go, just like the breath.

Over 25 years of research have proven that practicing mindfulness (watching our thoughts and feelings come and go) offers relief from the worries, heartbreak, jealousy, self-doubt, and anger we all experience.

Often we look outside ourselves for comfort – we think that we will be happy if we get good grades, date that certain someone, make the track team, get the lead role in a play, or if our parents would just leave us alone. Sometimes when that doesn’t work we look for relief in drugs or sex or self-harming behaviours.

The secret is true relief is always available inside of you, in the Still Quiet Place. You don’t have to go anywhere or do anything, or be any different than you are right now.

Dr Amy Saltzman

Dr Amy is a holistic physician, mindfulness instructor, wife and mother, devoted student of transformation, long time athlete and occasional poet. She has been practicing and teaching mindfulness to children, teens and adults for 17 years. Her passion is supporting people of all ages in living happier, more productive lives.


  • 1) Beginning (7.37)
  • 2) Rest (7.29)
  • 3) Thought watching (5.19)
  • 4) Being in the body (12.33)
  • 5) Stretch and balance (7.32)
  • 6) Feelings (7.26)
  • 7) Loving kindness (8.55)
  • 8) P E A C E (5.32)
  • 9) Movin’ (1.43)
  • 10) Walking (4.38)
  • 11) Flashlight (9.45)

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CD: Still Quiet Place: mindfulness for young children

CD: Still Quiet Place: mindfulness for teens

Author: Dr Amy Saltzman

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