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CD: Still Quiet Place: mindfulness for young children

This CD offers 12 guided practices to allow children to remain familiar with the Still Quiet Place within themselves, and two tracks for adults interested sharing the Still Quiet Place with children.

If you’ve ever wondered how you could introduce the life skill of meditation to your children, here’s a delightful CD that will help you do just that. Still Quiet Place is a series of guided meditations for children (ages three or older) that gently leads them to find and appreciate the ‘treasure’ within themselves. With each track, Dr. Amy Saltzman helps children to explore a different aspect their inner world, including an awareness of their physical bodies and emotions, and begin to trust their own inner wisdom.

And it’s not all about stillness and quiet. One track, called “wilds”, begins with a driving drumbeat and asks, “Do you sometimes feel wild, or crazy, or silly? Like a volcano about to erupt or a hurricane twirling around?” Dr. Saltzman honours the whole child, including the giggly, high-energy side, and encourages young people to fully experience all of their emotions and inner world.

For older children, there are a couple longer tracks on simple yoga poses and a full body scan. And there’s even something for parents, too. Dr. Saltzman says in her ‘adult intro’ that the greatest source of children’s stress is not school, peer pressure or over-scheduling, but parental stress. So the last track is for you, the grown-ups — a brief mindfulness meditation of about 13 minutes, to help you slow down and bring your awareness to the present moment.

Overall, this is a wonderful CD that can give your children a solid start toward becoming happier and healthier adults in the future.

Children: The ‘Still Quiet Place’ is a special place inside of you that you can visit anytime. It is especially helpful to visit if you are feeling angry, sad, afraid, or upset. Let’s go there now. . . . First, take a slow deep breath. Now, close your eyes, take another slow deep breath, and feel a warm easy smile in your body…. Do you feel it? Good. This is your Still Quiet Place. Take some more easy breaths and really snuggle in….

Adults: Mindfulness is process of developing moment to moment inner awareness which has been proven to reduce stress. So how might our children benefit if they learn this life skill now while they are young, and remain familiar with the “Still Quiet Place” within themselves as they grow-up? Maybe if our children are able to experience their thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations without being overwhelmed, they will be less prone to the unhealthy effects of stress. Perhaps if they learn to access a natural sense of peace, and to trust their own inner wisdom, they will be less susceptible to harmful peer influences, and less likely to look for relief in potentially risky behaviours. Research indicates that reducing children’s stress enhances their physical health, social relations, academic abilities and most importantly their sense of well-being.

1 children's intro 3:27
2 treasure 3:43
3 jewel 3:50
4 feelings 3:49
5 otter 3:42
6 wilds 3:42
7 loving kindness 4:19
8 teepee 3:29
9 bubbles 3:48
10 pebbles 4:07
11 mountain 8:44
12 body scan 10:47
13 grown-ups 7:14
14 brief sit 12:52

CD: Still Quiet Place: mindfulness for young children

Author: Dr Amy Saltzman

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