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  • A Blue Kind of Day

    A Blue Kind of Day

    by Rachel Tomlinson

    A moving picture book debut about depression, sensory awareness, and the power of listening, from Australian psychologist and author of Teaching Kids to be Kind. Coen is having a sniffling, sighing, sobbing kind of day. His family thinks they know how to cheer him up. His dad wants to go outside and play, Mom tells her funniest joke, and his little sister shares her favourite teddy. Nothing helps. But one by one, they get quiet and begin to listen. After some time, space, and reassurance, Coen is able...

  • Accepting Gender. An ACT Workbook for Trans and Non-Binary People

    Accepting Gender. An ACT Workbook for Trans and Non-Binary People

    by Alex Stitt

    A self-help workbook for trans and non-binary people implementing Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Sometimes it is difficult to identify and express our genuine gender identity. When we don't fit the ideal, the gender role, or the social script, we can feel trapped in ourselves. This "stuck" feeling is often reinforced by intrusive thoughts, mental rigidity, and self-judgement. Where do you even begin? Non-binary counsellor, Alex Stitt, lays the foundations for addressing these feelings with reflective exercises and activities rooted in acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) that help you understand what gender...

  • Advances in Online Therapy. Emergence of a New Paradigm

    Advances in Online Therapy. Emergence of a New Paradigm

    by Weinberg, Rolnick & Leighton

    Advances in Online Therapy is the definitive presentation on online psychological intervention, which takes research and experiences of online therapy a step further by applying them to therapy in a post-pandemic world. This book addresses most of the main approaches and schools of individual, couple and family psychotherapy that are prevalent in the therapeutic field nowadays and explores how each of them adjust to online therapy. The reader will explore the main challenges and obstacles unique for each approach and how leading experts of those approaches overcome these challenges. The...

  • Affirmation Cards: Well-Being

    Affirmation Cards: Well-Being

    by Little Affirmations

    *24 Refreshing thougths for a happy soul.* This beautiful set of affirmation cards is an investment in your personal health. Draw one each day to help you step into a life of abundant energy, vitality and well-being. Open your heart and mind to the possibilities with these uplifting messages of enlightened guidance. Our spiritual Little Affirmations feature inspiring photography from around the world. *Some examples are:* Well-being is a personal sense of control and a feeling that you can handle the future Creating a healthy mindset is an investment...

  • All About LGBTQI+

    All About LGBTQI+

    by Julian Wensel, Brigit Jansen,

    What is all this LGBTIQ* stuff about? Am I bi, lesbian or gay? What does trans really mean? How is it different from doing drag? All these questions can be emotionally overwhelming, especially if you're not (yet) sure about your own gender identity. All About LBGTIQ* is a guide for all children, young people, and parents who want to know more about the many diverse forms that gender identity can take. Told through vignettes of personal experience from members of the LGBTIQ* community, this book is an entertaining way of...

  • Assessment and Treatment Activities for Children, Adolescents and Families. Volume 4

    Assessment and Treatment Activities for Children, Adolescents and Families. Volume 4

    by Liana Lowenstein

    In this fourth volume edited by highly acclaimed author Liana Lowenstein, 75 practitioners from all over the world share their favourite child and family therapy techniques. Interventions are outlined for engaging, assessing, and treating children, teens, and families in online and in-person sessions. An essential resource for mental health practitioners seeking to add creative activities to their repertoire. 209 pages. *Contents:* Acknowledgements About the Editor Contributors Preface Section one: Engagement and assessment Section two: Feelings expression Section three: Social skills Section four: Coping with anger management Section five: Self-Esteem Section six: Termination...

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