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Greatness is my Superpower

What if every person could choose to cape up and be a superhero of greatness? Each day students, teachers, and school staff are faced with tough character choices and decisions on how to act and how to treat others. Follow a school day where the adults and children choose to cape up and activate their superpower of greatness by making wise choices that reflect positive character, even when it is difficult.

Experience a fun and exciting way to see what characters in this story are thinking, feeling, saying, and doing. Uncover the power of children and adults learning to cape up their superpower of greatness and change their world.

It's time to cape up!

The teaching ideas were developed in the collaborative work of Sarah How and Carmen Tubbs, special education teacher and certified advanced trainer in the Nurtured Heart Approach.

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Greatness is my Superpower

Author: Sarah How

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