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Mood Dudes: Multi

Show How You Feel Today!

Mood Dudes are a set of 5 squeezable cartoon faces that depict different emotions. They are much more than attractive, humorous balls, they are a tool that facilitators, counsellors, teachers and psychologists can use to help participants share and express their feelings.

There are numerous ways you can use them.

  • A popular method is to put the faces in the center of the sharing circle and ask each participant to pick a face that best describes a feeling that they experienced. Each participant then shares why they chose the feeling they did. Some other suggestions for use are:
  • Free-writing and Journaling: encourage participants to write about a time they experienced one of the feelings.
  • Role Playing: invite participants to act out a scene from a time they felt a specific emotion.
  • Recognizing Other's Emotions: Ask participants to share a story about someone they know that seemed to express one of the emotions.
  • Put a whole set on your desk or use them as a processing tool.

There are 5 faces in each set with the expressions of: shocked, happy, disgusted, sad, and anxious. Children and adults both love to play and process with these squeezable faces. Helps to relieve stress.

Mood Dudes: Multi

Author: Jim Borgman

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