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The Bear Cards Feelings Sticker Book

The Bear Cards® Feelings Sticker Book is a new fun way to explore and share feelings.

With 240 bear stickers, this perfect bound and handy sized book can be used for:

  • • Reminders
  • • Motivators
  • • Diaries
  • • Games
  • • Activities
  • • or just colourful decorations

The stickers will adhere to almost any smooth surface, which makes them ideal for:

  • • Books
  • • Envelopes
  • • Notes
  • • Gifts
  • • Certificates
  • • Pencil Cases
  • • Office Equipment
  • • Windows
  • • Doors
  • • Phones etc etc

The book includes 4 sets of all 48 original Bear Cards characters plus 4 sets of 12 happy bear faces as die cut stickers.

Book dimensions: 106 x 155mm, 16 pages


The Bear Cards Feelings Sticker Book

Author: John Veeken

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