Practice to make a difference.

A First Look at Autism: I See Things Differently

Explores important issues in a clear and matter-of-fact way to appeal to young children.

A beautifully illustrated picture book that helps children to understand autism.

This reassuring picture book explains what autism is in simple terms, helping children with siblings or classmates with autism understand what everyday life feels like from a child with autism's perspective

The book is written largely from the child's perspective. It is meant to be read with your child, or a group of children. in a way that allows the child to open up about what he or she thinks and feels.

Questions in 'What about you?' sections provide useful prompts for discussion.

Other books in this series by Pat Thomas:

  • Autism: I See Things Differently
  • Being Brave: Why Do I Feel Scared?
  • Death: I Miss You
  • Everybody Matters: Respect for Others
  • Family Break-Up: My Family's Changing
  • Healthy Teeth: Do I have to go to the Dentist?
  • Not Giving Up: I Can Do It
  • Obesity: Don't Call Me Fat
  • Overcoming Shyness: Leave Me Alone!
  • Safety: I Can Be Safe
  • Same-Sex Parents: This is My Family
  • Setting a Good Example: I Can Make a Difference
  • Starting School: Do I Have to Go to School?


A First Look at Autism: I See Things Differently

Author: Pat Thomas

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