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Be Brave

This book is very unique and should be in the hands of every child, every parent, every teacher, every carer and every school counsellor, as well as children’s mentors, therapists, psychologists and medical professionals. While the book is primarily for children from mid primary school age (about 8 years old) up to late high school age (about 16 years old), the message is for everyone.

It is a book about hope, learning to trust and understanding. A book that encourages the reader to “tell someone” if they have been hurt by another person. It is a simple, yet powerful message. The book is not a story; it is a journey the reader takes as they read their own experiences into the text. ‘Be Brave’ is beautifully and gently worded and lets the child reader know immediately that he or she is normal for having strong emotions that come from being hurt. The book explains to the reader that there is help available if they can ‘be brave’ enough to ‘tell someone’ what has happened to them, someone they can trust.

Author Bio:

Karen Rochester lives in Canberra (Australian Capital Territory) Australia with her husband and fabulously funny Tenterfield terriers.


Be Brave

Author: Karen Rochester

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