Practice to make a difference.


Have you ever needed to do something or even think about something and it made you nervous?

Kids do all the time: Going to bed, weathering the storm, going to school, speaking in class, making a new friend and so on.

Children are expected to just get on with it! What they need is to find their BRAVE! Something that is inside of them but they just can't find. The much-loved characters of Loppy and Curly are back to teach kids how to find their BRAVE. Brave gives children a strategy to do things they are worried about doing. Imagination is a very natural ‘go to’ for children. It can be a source of terror (as in anxiety), BUT it can also be tapped to help them to feel calm, confident and BRAVE!

Curly teaches Loppy how to manage his worries, specifically, his worries about going to school. The technique of helping children to ‘find their brave’ when faced with a challenging situation can be applied to whatever the difficulty might be.

Large softcover (230mm X 310mm)

Full colour

32 pages

Other book by Lynn Jenkins

Lessons of a LAC


Author: Lynn Jenkins

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