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  • It's My Body: A Book about Body Privacy for Young Children

    It's My Body: A Book about Body Privacy for Young Children

    by Louise Spilsbury

    This brightly coloured, illustrated title explains to children about body privacy and why private parts should be kept private. Children will learn that their body belongs to them and they can say 'no' if they don't want anyone to touch their body. They'll discover what is inappropriate, and be encouraged to speak up if they are uncomfortable with how other people treat them. It also covers the topic of secrets and when you shouldn't keep a secret. The book looks at respecting each other's boundaries and becoming aware that...

  • More Secret Girls' Business

    More Secret Girls' Business

    by Rose Stewart, Heather Anderson

    It is a companion volume to Secret Girls’ Business. In addition to information about periods, this puberty resource includes details about physical and emotional changes. It will give girls greater understanding and deeper knowledge about puberty and sexuality. Information is presented in a sensitive but open manner. It has simple language and fun illustrations which girls will enjoy. This puberty education book aims to: Provide girls with a full understanding of the physical and emotional changes experienced at puberty. Provide practical advice for managing periods, including the use...

  • Puberty and Special Girls

    Puberty and Special Girls

    by Rose Stewart, Heather Anderson

    Puberty and Special Girls is a puberty resource written for girls with special needs, including: Intellectual disability Physical disability Communication disorder Autism Puberty and Special Girls provides practical information about growing up and will help girls understand the changes experienced at puberty. It has simple text and colourful, fun illustrations. Age- appropriate information is presented in a friendly, inclusive manner which is ideal for girls with special needs. This is our second puberty book for girls with special needs. It includes a more comprehensive guide to puberty than Special Girls’...

  • Reena's Rainbow

    Reena's Rainbow

    by Dee White

    Reena may be deaf and Dog homeless, but that doesn't define who they are. A touching story of friendship and acceptance. Reena is deaf and Dog is homeless, but they are also so much more than that. At first Reena and Dog feel like they don't belong, but when they form a unique bond with each other, and become friends with the hearing children in the park, they discover that everyone is different and special in their own way. Reena's Rainbow is about friendship, diversity and acceptance. It...

  • When I'm Shining with LOVE

    When I'm Shining with LOVE

    by Wendy Mason

    Helping children make good choices in social situations by teaching LOVE. ‘When I’m shining with LOVE’ explores diversity amongst people. As we are all unique, we seek to teach children about celebrating differences. LOVE in action is putting others before self. This is an important skill for children when learning about living within a family or in community. When we LOVE first, it typically comes back to us, fulfilling our distinctive human need to be loved and accepted! *The ‘Shining with Light’ series:* This series has been written for young children...

  • Yes I Can! A Girl in a wheelchair

    Yes I Can! A Girl in a wheelchair

    by Kendra Barrett

    This is Carolyn. Like many kids her age, Carolyn loves animals, castles, and building with blocks. She is helpful to her mom and dad and even to her baby brother. Carolyn started a new school this year. She thinks her teacher seems nice and she is getting to know her classmates. The other students are curious about Carolyn because she uses a wheelchair. Carolyn is a happy, energetic, caring first-grader who just happens to be in a wheelchair. She's excited to start her new year of school and...